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First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml

Akhisar, Turkey



Polyphenols: 306 mg/kg

Acidity: 0.13%



A sweet balance between fruitiness, pungency & delicate bitterness 



This early harvest olive oil is best consumed raw as a dip or salad dressing. It’s even recommended that a teaspoon of this oil is consumed every morning for a refreshing start to a day. It's makes delightful scramble eggs and is great as a replacement of butter in sweet & savoury recipies.  


Olive Variety

Trilye & Domat & Uslu



Palamidas is renowned for delivering pure, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil sourced directly from their carefully tended gardens, where they oversee the olives' growth from blossom to harvest.

Their advanced olive oil mill boasts the latest technology, enabling Palamidas to achieve the highest-quality EVOO. Utilising modern extraction methods, cutting-edge processing systems, and stringent quality controls, Palamidas consistently provides olive oils that wins international taste awards year after year.


Palamidas First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an international award winner. Production of this superb oil takes place early in October and is carried out with utmost care and passion. Olives are pressed when they are still brightly green and the oil that is obtained is golden green with a strong olive fragrance.

Due to extra care and attention to detail Palamidas is able to trap the essence of the fresh, healthy fruit in the oil, resulting in an exceptional, high in Polyphenols, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These Polyphenols are known as strong antioxidant compounds that may be helpful in keeping you healthy and protect against various diseases. According to the EU health claim, "olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress" if 20mg of high polyphenol containing extra virgin olive oil is consumed per day.

PALAMIDAS First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil TURKEY 500ml

  • Turkey is a significant olive oil producer, known for its diverse olive varieties and quality olive oil production. Its geographical advantage, historical legacy, and commitment to quality have contributed to its prominence in the global olive oil market.

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