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We're specialists in authentic Oils, Vinegars & Healthy Condiments. We offer curated extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars & nutritious fats empowering consumers to make better health choices. Our products are sourced directly from iconic small & medium manufacturers to ensure farm to table freshness & genuinity.  Why do we do it? Simple. Good health directly impacts one's happiness.

aroma di olio founder

Hello, let me introduce myself...

I'm magdalena

I'm on a mission to help people in our region elevate their taste and aroma experience with authentic Olive Oils, Vinegars & Healthy Condiments from award-winning producers.  Aroma di Olio's product quality enhances wellbeing and brings joy into people's lives. 

I grew up in the beautiful, coastal city of Gdansk in the north of Poland. I came here on holiday back in 2010 and knew straight away Dubai was going to be my next home. After years spent in lush green, yet cold and rainy Poland and UK, I needed palm trees and sunshine. 

I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey when I encountered the need for premium-quality oils and realised that there was a glaring lack of specialised guidance locally. Resorting to importing oils from overseas nudged me into discovering a significant gap in the market. I know it seems like the market is saturated but it is not! It is flooded with oils and vinegars available at general grocers, yet there is no expert advice, no niche specialists, and consumers are generally confused.  


My commitment goes beyond just sourcing directly from artisan manufacturers. I've undergone rigorous training, including graduation from The Olive Oil School of Spain (ESAO), to achieve full certification as a Master Olive Oil Consultant and Olive Oil Sommelier. This training equips me with the knowledge and expertise needed to guide and educate the Aroma di Olio community – that's you! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Magdalena Orzechowska.png
aroma di olio

Our Mission

We empower you - the HEALTH conscious GENUINE FOODIE,  with authentic and nutritious Oils & Vinegars, curated exclusively with producers we trust and know well, giving you access to the good stuff only.

We elevate your Taste & Aroma experience while enhancing your wellbeing and helping you and those around live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.  

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