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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Litre

Breede River, South Africa



Acidity: 0.4.%



A harmonious coupage of different cultivars creating an oil with various sweet, mellow and fruity tones. A blend of Mission olives (delicate taste), Frantoio olives (strong green overtones, peppery) and Carotina (slight bitter bite), to produce a distinct aroma of freshly cut grass.



Delicately sweet and wonderfully mellow, OLYFBERG is the perfect match for salads, creamy soups, and delicate white fish dishes. Its subtle flavor enhances without overwhelming, bringing out the best in each ingredient. Whether drizzled over fresh greens, stirred into a velvety soup, or used for grilling or frying, it adds a touch of sophistication and a satisfying crispness to every dish.



Frantoio, Coratina and Mission 




Olyfberg, home of award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is situated on the banks of the Breede River on the outskirts of Robertson where hectares of olive groves sweep the countryside. Handpicked olives are cold pressed in the mill on the farm to preserve the delicate flavours and characteristics.


The first trees were planted in 1995 . Currently the farm boasts 75 hectares of Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Manzanella and Kalamata Olives. The Karaan and Retief families jointly acquired the farm in 2016 with a shared vision to produce the highest quality olives and olive oil while uplifting their workforce and being true to nature. Olyfberg is proud to be a level 2 BEE company.



We believe in perfection. Our vision is to be a leader in the olive industry in South Africa and produce olives of outstanding quality and elegance.



In 2018 Olyfberg was elected as one of the top ten olive oils in South Africa. In 2022, we won a gold award for a premium extra virgin olive oil at the Dubai Olive Oil Competition.


OLYFBERG Extra Virgin Olive Oil SOUTH AFRICA Box 1L

  • South Africa has become a noteworthy player in the global olive oil industry. The country's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation has earned its olive oils recognition in global markets. Additionally, the local industry contributes to the economy and supports rural development initiatives, making South Africa an emerging force in the olive oil market.

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