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Organic Early HarvestExtra Virgin Olive Oil


Tuscany, Italy



Acidity: 0.18%

Polyphenols: 407mg/kg

Best Before: August 2025



Green, clear and balanced. The nose is quite complex and clean, with vegetal notes of herbaceous plants. The taste is round and fine, with tones reminiscent of the artichoke. Medium bitterness and spiciness but well balanced. A harmonious and elegant organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the famous region of Tuscany.



Sautéed veggies, fresh pasta, truffle risotto… also excellent in home-made green & red pestos!



The long work that Cattaneo family dedicated to the estate and its recovery alongside the strength with which it went towards organic cultivation, can now be found in Castiglioncelli, an award-winning organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the family, appreciated worldwide.It tells the history of Tenuta San Jacopo and its unique land. Castiglioncelli was born in full respect of the ancient tradition that distinguishes the territory in which the estate is located - in the heart of Tuscany, a few kilometers from Chianti.Three Milanese brothers, Vanni, Carlo, and Marco Cattaneo, bought the estate in 2002. One of their main goals was to produce extraordinary olive oil, celebrating the great natural vocation of the area. The goal they have achieved without a doubt - an array of international prizes is unquestionable proof.

CASTIGLIONCELLI Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil ITALY

PriceFrom AED160.00
  • Italy is renowned for producing premium olive oil known for its exceptional quality, diverse flavors, and rich cultural heritage. Factors contributing to its status include diverse climates, various olive tree varieties, stringent quality standards, artisanal production, and its vital role in Italian cuisine. Italy's reputation as a top olive oil producer is bolstered by its thriving export market and the use of high-quality olive oil in traditional dishes.

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