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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    2 litres

    Catalonia, Spain


    Know your Oil

    Polyphenols: 163mg/kg

    Acidity: 0.53%

    Best Before: 31 December 2024


    Tasting Notes

    Green fruit, medium intensity in spiciness and bitterness, remarkable sweetness, and very well balanced. Secondary aromas with intense notes of grass and clear aromas of almond, tomato, and fennel.



    It is the ideal companion to enhance raw salads, vegetables, sauces, and vinaigrettes. Also perfect for emulsifying sauces. Casolí shines when used in baking, frying, grilling or sauteeing even the mildest dishes as it's delicate flavour subtly enhanes food without overpowering it. This EVOO, is delisiously surprising in desserts and sweets, such as brownies, pancakes, French toasts, grilled pineapple!


    Olive Variety




    Introducing "CASOLÍ" - A Fresh and Sustainable EVOO Sensation!


    Discover the allure of CASOLÍ, a groundbreaking daily Extra Virgin Olive Oil crafted exclusively from the exquisite Arbosana variety. Immerse yourself in its captivating aroma and distinctive flavour, a true testament to nature's finest.


    CASOLÍ: A Taste of Excellence

    CASOLÍ embodies the pinnacle of olive oil quality, extracted solely from the premium Arbosana olives. Its flavour profile is an irresistible masterpiece, marked by an intense green, fruity aroma that lingers delightfully on your palate, adorned with subtle notes of leaves and vegetables. Once you experience it, you won't forget its exceptional taste.


    A Healthy Indulgence

    Not only a culinary delight, CASOLÍ offers a plethora of health benefits. It boasts an abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants, making it remarkably resistant to oxidation. You'll also encounter secondary aromas reminiscent of ripe fruit, delicate flowers, and golden honey. CASOLÍ is a culinary marvel, offering complexity on the palate with a perfect balance of sweetness, a gentle tingling sensation, and a pleasantly surprising, lingering astringency.


    The Gift of Good Health

    CASOLÍ, is rich in oleic acid, comprising more than 70% of its composition. This natural treasure is known for its ability to reduce bad cholesterol while elevating the levels of heart-protective cholesterol. By choosing CASOLÍ, you're not only savoring extraordinary flavour; you're embracing a path to maintaining a healthy body weight.


    Indulge in the extraordinary. Experience CASOLÍ, where fresh, sustainable, and sensational unite to redefine your culinary journey.





    Miliunverd: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

    At Miliunverd, we're the result of a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. This project was born from heartfelt conversations between a grandfather and his grandson, driven by their shared passion for extra virgin olive oil and a desire to share its rich experiences.


    Crafted with Dedication

    From our family farms, we lovingly produce this liquid gold, captivating the most discerning palates with its intense, distinct, and exclusive flavour. Our commitment to tradition and continuous innovation allows us to capture the essence and flavour of the Mediterranean.


    A Commitment to Quality of Life

    For us, extra virgin olive oil represents more than a product; it's a source of quality of life, well-being, and health. We only entrust our olives to the best local oil mills and seek professional guidance from the Institute of Agri-food Research and Technology of Catalonia (IRTA).


    Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

    At Miliunverd, we hold two core values dear to our hearts: quality and sustainability. These values permeate every facet of our operations, from our olive groves to your table.


    Sustainable Practices

    Our passion for sustainability extends beyond crafting exceptional olive oil; it encompasses our choice of packaging too. We've departed from traditional PET packaging in favour of the eco-friendly Bag-in-Box option, reinforcing our commitment to environmental responsibility.


    Partnering for a Greener Future

    To amplify our environmental efforts, we've partnered with the EURECAT technology center. Together, we embarked on a mission to innovate olive oil packaging, as part of the "Study 2021-021350: Eco-Friendly Packaging Design." In our joint project, we carefully evaluated various packaging alternatives and arrived at a resounding choice: the Bag-in-Box system. This aligns seamlessly with our sustainability pledge, offering an impressively low environmental footprint.


    Aesthetics and Integrity

    Just as our olive oil exudes quality, the Bag-in-Box packaging reflects our commitment to beauty inside and out. It's a testament to our promise to deliver premium extra virgin olive oil in packaging that honours and preserves our planet's beauty.


    Experience Miliunverd

    Extra virgin olive oil that graces your table with elegance while nurturing our environment. Join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

    CASOLÍ Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPAIN  2L

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    • Spain is one of the world's largest producers of olive oil, and for a good reason. The country's diverse terrain, climate, and soil conditions provide an ideal environment for growing olive trees. Spanish olive oil is known for its high quality, and it has won numerous awards for its taste, aroma, and texture.