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Night Harvest  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Limited Edition 
Gift box

Jaen, Spain


Know your Oil

Acidity: 0.13%

Polyphenols: 478 mg


Tasting Notes

It offers grass, apple, almond aromas, as well as hints of olive leaf and tomato. To the palate it has a medium bitterness and a touch of spiciness



Excellent to be taken as it is by "bread-dipping", to enhance soups and spice up grilled veggies. Irreplaceable with fish, hearty stews, pasta and even baked treats.


Olive variety: Picual


A new-born liquid gold, bred to become a true gastronomical gift capable of enlightening all senses and the most select palates. 

It is an early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from olives picked under the intensity of the full moon, under a lower temperature than usual, safeguarding a fresher taste and an unrivalled aroma intrinsic to this EVOO of great complexity and balance.

Produced in very low quantities during an extremely short period of time, this exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a luxury very difficult to come by. We have managed to source just a few bottles of this rare oil, perfect for a gift or to shine on your dining table. Be sure to make it a centre piece - it’s an attention grabber and people will talk, guaranteed.



We are passionate producers of the best olive juices and  searchers of the highest excellence in our extra virgin oils. Proof of this is our evolution in the world ranking of the top 50 oils. Our olive groves are located in a privileged location as is the province of Jaen in Spain, a proclaimed “World Capital of Olive Oil” since it is the region with most olive trees in the world.  we are a company with a strong heritage in the production of extra virgin olive oil uniting tradition and state-of-the-art, elaborating a supreme quality olive juice whose health benefits have been internationally proven, as well as being an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

We are always in search of the highest excellence in the EVOOs we produce. Due to this the olive is treated with the highest of care and devotion, combining traditional methods with a harvesting process very respectful with the environment and a constant technological development in machinery, as well as in the methods used for the extraction and conservation of our liquid gold.

BRAVOLEUM Night Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Limited Edition SPAIN 700ml

  • Spain is one of the world's largest producers of olive oil, and for a good reason. The country's diverse terrain, climate, and soil conditions provide an ideal environment for growing olive trees. Spanish olive oil is known for its high quality, and it has won numerous awards for its taste, aroma, and texture.

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