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Acetaia Guerzoni

White Balsamic Condiment   Bianco Series  Organic Biodynamic


Modena, Italy


Know your Vinegar

Acidity: 5%

Density: 1.16%

Organic & biodynamic



Tasting Notes

It has a very fresh, delicate flavour. 



Its freshness goes perfectly well with salads and white fish. Infuse with fresh blackberries or use in honey white balsamic dressing to take your greens from ordinary to extraordinary.


A best-selling food seasoning, the result of a production entirely derived from a selection of grapes from organic and biodynamic agriculture. The entire production chain controlled by Acetaia Guerzoni, in order to guarantee the origin of the raw materials. Obtained from the skilful mixture of wine vinegar and white concentrated must, it does not contain any type of preservative or colouring. Exclusively from white Italian grapes, it is suitable for daily use.
Unique in its colour and flavour r. Its freshness makes it suitable for both salad and fish. Often appreciated also in place of Balsamic Vinegar.

GUERZONI White Balsamic Condiment Bianco Organic Biodynamic ITALY 500ml

SKU: BAL0301
  • Italy is one of the world's most prominent and renowned balsamic vinegar producers. The country's balsamic vinegar, particularly the traditional varieties, is highly regarded and celebrated for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and cultural significance.

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