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Arbor Senium

Centennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Catalonia, Spain



Polyphenols: 212 mg/kg

Acidity: 0.25%

Best Before: July 2025



Good balance between sweetness, spiciness and bitterness. Green fruity character of medium-high intensity with hints of ripe floral notes.



The Arbor Senium invites you to add a note of flavor to all kinds of dishes made with vegetables, seafood, as well as sweets and desserts.



Farga and Morrut 



Arbor Senium is born from olive trees with more than 100 years of history from the fusion of the Farga and Morrut varieties, the most representative of the landscape and identity of these lands in the south of Tarragona.

The characteristics of the Farga variety, a vigorous tree with a hard to harvest large crown, means that no new plantations of this variety have been made in more than a century. Arbor Senium premium olive oil honours the resistance of this variety to the lashings of the strong local wind, and the strength of its roots offers us its characteristic and high quality flavour.

The Arbor Senium name pays tribute to the land that embraces our centennial and millennial olive trees. The territory created by the Sénia River shapes the landscape and makes it our identity, obtaining as a fruit our EVOO Arbor Senium oil. Surroundings of the river, mountain landscapes, and historical memories are what comes together in this area. La Sénia is located in the south of the province of Tarragona, in the Montsià region, where the communities of Aragon, Catalonia, and Valencia converge in the course of their river.

Precision and constant search for excellence - this unique Coupage of exquisite varieties of olive oil emerges from these maxims. By reducing olive picking and grinding times to below 6 hours and ensuring strict traceability, Arbor Senium exceeds all expectations. With personality. 100% extraordinary




Miliunverd: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity


At Miliunverd, we're the result of a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. This project was born from heartfelt conversations between a grandfather and his grandson, driven by their shared passion for extra virgin olive oil and a desire to share its rich experiences.


Crafted with Dedication 

From our family farms, we lovingly produce this liquid gold, captivating the most discerning palates with its intense, distinct, and exclusive flavour. Our commitment to tradition and continuous innovation allows us to capture the essence and flavour of the Mediterranean.


A Commitment to Quality of Life 

For us, extra virgin olive oil represents more than a product; it's a source of quality of life, well-being, and health. We only entrust our olives to the best local oil mills and seek professional guidance from the Institute of Agri-food Research and Technology of Catalonia (IRTA).


Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At Miliunverd, we hold two core values dear to our hearts: quality and sustainability. These values permeate every facet of our operations, from our olive groves to your table.

Experience Miliunverd
Healthy. With personality. 100% extraordinary

ARBOR SENIUM Centennial Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPAIN 500ml

  • Spain is one of the world's largest producers of olive oil, and for a good reason. The country's diverse terrain, climate, and soil conditions provide an ideal environment for growing olive trees. Spanish olive oil is known for its high quality, and it has won numerous awards for its taste, aroma, and texture.

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