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How Cancer Diagnosis Led To New Passion And Business

Updated: Oct 14, 2023


Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we were all healthier and happier? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to protect your family from suffering?

It’s true, not everything is in our power but one thing certainly is! We can enrich our diets with more nutritious oils, something we notoriously don’t do! I do believe in eating clean, mostly plant-based food with a strong focus on healthy fats. No matter what your current eating habits are, your wellbeing can be significantly enhanced by simply adding more good fat.

This single shift can make a tremendous impact on your health and the wellness of those around you. It definitely did on mine when I, totally unexpectedly, was diagnosed with cancer.

Illness & related suffering affects the whole family, not just the sick. Being a mum I can closely relate to the strong emotions associated with a child being seriously ill and I will never forget the worry and fear in my son’s eyes during the times when it was me who was unwell.

While I was dealing with the shock and uncertainty of my situation, just imagine what my child was going through! Confusion, pain, overwhelming fear, powerlessness, devastation…

So, for him, I decided to do all I could to improve my chances of survival. After weeks of doing heavy research, I realized the medicinal benefits of the Mediterranean diet which is high in extra virgin olive oil, I combined the science-backed Mediterranean way of eating with the conventional medicine and took the bull (or cancer in this case) but its horns!


This new way of eating became an integral part of my holistic approach to dealing with the disease and helped me immensely in going through the rather unpleasant cancer treatments and their side effects. Furthermore, I came out of it stronger and healthier than ever, both physically and mentally!

This experience sent me on a mission to help others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. My passion for great food, travel and adventure inspired me to explore the regions where olive trees grow. There, I met genuine producers of the healthiest, most nutritious and authentic olive oils in the world. Farmers dedicated to ultra-high quality, meticulously improving their production methods while taking utmost care of the environment. Families who have been making olive oil for generations and see it as key to living a long, joyous and wholehearted life.

I couldn’t agree with them more - olive oil, along with an array of other healthy fats, helped me bring my life back on track and I’m happier than ever! Now, I’m continuously working with award-winning producers to elevate your taste and aroma experience while enhancing your wellbeing and bringing more joy into your life.


I launched my concept specialist store Aroma di Olio as a result that I had to deal with an unexpected health challenge - when I was looking to buy ultra-high quality oils and found there was no place locally where I could get the specific advice I required. When I needed authentic, nutritious oils most, I had no choice but to bring them from niche stores abroad. This not only cost me a lot of money, it also nudged me into discovering a significant gap in the market. I know it seems like the market is saturated, but it's not! It's flooded with oils and vinegars available in general grocers, yet there is no expert advice, no niche specialists, and consumers are generally confused.

Today, not only do I strive to source world's best, healthiest oils and vinegars directly from artisan manufacturers, I am also a student at The Olive Oil School of Spain soon to become a fully certified Master Olive Oil Consultant and Olive Oil Sommelier, all with the goal of being to able to guide and educate the Aroma di Olio community. That's you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now let's make your life healthier and happier!



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