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Papa’s Grove Balanced

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Peloponnese, greece

Know your oil

vintage: 2021-2022

Olive Leaf



Peloponnese, greece

papa's grove balanced

made in greece

Tasting notes

Round and fine, with tones reminiscent of the artichoke. Medium bitterness and spiciness but well balanced, harmonious and elegant.

Paring notes

Perfect for bold foods. Like the Greek fare, it is meant to adorn.

Olive variety

Koroneki + Manaki

Papa's Grove award-winning 100% superior Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil sparks to life from a blend of our specially selected Koroneiki and Manaki varieties from Peloponnese.  


It balances perfectly the intensity of aroma and bitterness of Koroneiki with the fruitiness and distinct scent of Manaki.  This combination delivers a perfect medium intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


Well balanced, aromatic, with medium pungency and bitterness. The superb characteristics of these two distinctive olive varieties make Papa’s Grove Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil a perfect companion for every dish. It'll gently elevates your taste experience without overpowering what's on your plate. 

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Launched in 2015, family-grown, family-owned, award-winning Papa's Grove has been producing some of the world's finest olive oil on their 4-generations-old family groves located in the picturesque Peloponnese in the south of Greece. 

Proud of their heritage and roots, the Papaspyrou family who is always striving for uncompromised quality and purity, continues to bring to you an exceptional Greek early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - awarded at many international competitions, loved by chefs and food aficionados across the world. 

Papas Grove About


2021 Award

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards

New York International Olive Oil Competition

2020 Award

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards

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