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herriza de la lobilla night harvest

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Individually Numbered
Limited Edition

Osuna, Spain

Know your oil

early & night harvest

Olive Leaf


Olive oil of Spain

osuna, spain

herriza de la lobilla

Made in Spain

Tasting notes

On the nose it is a very fresh oil, aroma of green olive, olive leaf and apple tones. In the mouth it has a very elegant entry, sweet almond, some tomato, the intensity grows progressively where bitter notes of artichoke and green almond shell appear with a subtle, long persisting spice.


Enjoy in full bodied soups, use to make pesto,  add a few drops to home-made sauces and a touch of luxury to paellas. It's a fantastic oil to consume raw for its enormous antioxidant benefits.

Olive variety

Lechin & Acebuche Wild Olives

This is an Ultra Premium EVOO of high phenolic content, more than an oil, a medicinal load of natural antioxidants. One of the healthiest EVOOs in the world, guaranteed by the European hallmark of natural polyphenols.

Harvested by hand, with great care at the optimum moment of maturation, under the first full moon in October and grinded within a few hours of collection to produce this EVOO, fresh and with all its organoleptic and nutritive properties.

A coupage with a special personality, it fuses the indomitable centennial Lechín varieties and the wild Acebuches of the beautiful Osuna region in the south of Spain.

It comes in an exclusive Limited Edition bottle (only 400 hand-numbered bottles have been produced this season ) dressed in a gorgeous box designed specifically for this unique EVOO, which production depends each year on the weather and the land. The dark glass bottle protects this liquid gold from the oxidation caused by light, helping it to retain all its flavour and fragrance.

With pleasant persistence and great astringency, this EVOO is quite complex, unique and majestically balanced. An oil only suitable for very brave, don't say we didn't tell you!

Best before Oct 2023 


2021 Award

ESAO Awards

2020 Award


Luxury Lifestyle Awards

ESAO Awards


Our ultra premium Herriza de la Lobilla oils are crafted at our family business Oleico Pallarés, located in picturesque Osuna in the south of Spain. They are the result of an exhaustive selection of the best olives of the harvest, harvested at their optimum moment that together with the wisdom and experience of our masters of oil mills, result in Extra Virgin Oils with some exceptional fruity organoleptic characteristics.

In order to maintain freshness and offer the best organoleptic and oligoleic conditions, our oils are always of the most recent harvest, they are kept in independent stainless steel tanks at a temperature not exceeding 18 Celsius and bottled on order only.


Our oil mill is certified organic by the prestigious certification organisation Sohiscert.

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