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arbor sacris

Millennial Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Individually Numbered Limited Edition


la Senia, Spain

Know your oil

vintage: 2021-2022

Olive Leaf

La Senia

La Senia, spain

Olive oil of Spain

arbor sacris 

made in Spain

Tasting notes

Full bodied oil, balanced and clean with high fruitiness in the mouth. It enters with a lot of sweetness and a subtle bitter touch. Then it progresses with a pleasant spiciness. In smell, the aroma is reminiscent of olive leaves, almonds and fresh grass.


Arbor Sacris is the ideal olive oil to accompany fish such as cod or salmon, fish tartare, carpaccio and ceviche. lt's sensational with all kinds of seafood. It adds a touch of subtle luxury to sophisticated salads, grilled asparagus, barely cooked pumpkin, courgettes or porcini. A little goes a long way with this extraordinary oil.

Olive variety

Farga Milenaria 

Taste the authentic liquid gold with over 1000 years of age. The secret of a unique gastronomic experience. Luxury Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is history, born from a family project, fruit of the memories of our ancestors and the passion to preserve this symbol of the gastronomic culture of the Mediterranean diet, in limited edition - only around 500 bottles have been crafted from the current harvest.

With a very restricted production each year, Arbor Sacris Luxury Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the ancient olive trees of the Farga variety - specimen classified and catalogued by the Taula del Sénia commonwealth and declared Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) by FAO (UNESCO).

Our Arbor Sacris oil is part of the Farga Milenaria Guarantee Mark, a brand regulated by the Taula del Sénia commonwealth and audited by Norma Agrícola. This accreditation guarantees that this EVOO comes exclusively from millennial olive trees that exceed 3.5 meters in perimeter at a height of 1.3 meters from the ground.

Taste a luxurious and unique olive oil rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and vitamin E with excellent health properties that make it an ally against aging and cardiovascular diseases.

We are what we produce. We are Arbor Sacris.