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Acetaia Sereni 

White Truffle

Modena, Italy

Know your vinegar

Olive Leaf

Flavour: Truffle


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Modena, Italy

Acetaia Sereni 

Made in Italy

tasting notes

Sweet and delicate taste. Enriched with a light hint of white truffle. 


Great versatility: from salads & vinaigrettes to raw, grilled or boiled vegetables. Also great with risottos and creamy pasta sauces.

To sweeten everyday life.


Distinguished by its low acidity and sweet and delicate taste. Enriched with a light hint of white truffle. 


Great versatility: from salads to raw, grilled or boiled vegetables.


Sweet and sour condiment with fruity aromas, good pourability and brown colour. Easy to use and never invasive on dishes.

Best before Dec 2029 

Acetaia Sereni  _DOLCEBALSAMICO®_ White Truffle


Valley of flavours, art and motors | Modena, pearl of Italy’s bountiful Emilia region, is famous as the homeland of fast cars and amazing flavours. It is in this land that the Sereni family’s passionate commitment to Balsamic Vinegar was born.

The Sereni estate is located at Marano sul Panaro, in the picturesque hills near Villabianca. In a rural setting of vineyards and olive groves, this zone is unaffected by industrial pollution. Here the changing weather and seasons continue to repeat the ancient pattern that has served for centuries to ensure the natural production and ageing of a wonderful Balsamic Vinegar..

The Birth of a Passion | Balsamic Vinegar is a living being, always present at any event in the home, a real family tree, its long, tangible existence proof of a thread of life that is not broken by death, but is perpetuated over the years in a ceaseless legacy of diligent care.

This has certainly been the case for the Sereni family, who began their “Balsamic” destiny so many years ago in the broad valley of blossoming cherry trees.