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acetaia guerzoni

Apple Cider Vinegar
Not Filtered - Organic Biodynamic

Modena, Italy

Know your vinegar

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Modena, Italy

Acetaia, Guerzoni

Made in Italy

tasting notes

Freshness and a distinctive yet pleasant and balanced fruity taste 



As a powerful health ally, use in Apple Pie, apple cider vinegar drink, ramen noodles, strawberry vinaigrette, carrot ginger soup... it is a very versatile kind of vinegar.

The scent and goodness of Italian apples from Trentino meets the tradition of Acetaia Guerzoni. As typical of our products, these are Organic and Biodynamic too. This is how unfiltered apple vinegar is born: it is produced naturally, avoiding pasteurization, to leave all the properties of the apples intact.


Thanks to the careful selection of raw fruit and the delicate and natural processing , apple cider vinegar retains all its perfume and all the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.


The 5% acidity makes it more balanced and pleasant. Freshness and perfume are the characteristics of Guerzoni apple vinegar, that can be used every day in the kitchen but, above all, as a powerful health ally.

Best before Aug 2024 



OUR ORIGINS | Our story begins with my grandfather Arduino and grandmother Zina. After many years of work in the countryside in Modena Lowlands, using a lifetime of savings, they managed to buy an old cottage surrounded by vineyards. Their son Felice (my father) and wife Iride (my mother) began progressive conversion of the vineyards into an organic and biodynamic model of agriculture.Deep respect for nature and love for their work allowed them to overcome all the difficulties.In the early 80s, our farm, when there still was no such thing as an organic certification in Italy, already complied with the guidelines set by a German body of control (Demeter), now spread worldwide. In the same years the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena began.Today our vinegar factory is the only one in the world to hold both an organic and a biodynamic certificate. And we are really proud of it.

OUR FAMILY | The Guerzoni farm is linked to the history of the Guerzoni family, who have always cultivated the land.Today Lorenzo is continuing the family tradition: from mother Iride he learned to mingle with people to tell such an unique story; from papà Felice he got the love for the land and the joy of seeing the bunches of grapes grow and mature.The world has been changing at an impressive rate in recent years. Acetaia Guerzoni decided to accept the challenge of times by expanding its commercial net to over 40 countries and equipping itself with a modern and efficient production structure. But innovating does not mean distorting, and only those who have a clear understanding of the values that support them can both hold strong roots and a clear vision to future

OUR MISSION | Our mission is to obtain products in accordance with tradition, aiming at passing down to everybody the taste of the past and the spirit of our grandparents, who did not bend nature to their will using chemicals or invasive techniques, but listened and let themselves be guided by it.

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